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MPLS Business Broadband

Our fully managed MPLS-based WAN (Wide Area Network) solution is ideal for multi-site businesses that want to improve service while reducing costs. Consolidate your multi-site IT into an infrastructure that guarantees the end-to-end performance of your applications between your sites, your Data Centres and your Cloud with an MPLS IP VPN from Fibre.Net.

MPLS IP VPN is a business class connectivity solution that pulls together multiple Internet-connected sites, Cloud resources, Data Centres and remote workers into a single private network that satisfies the enterprise network demand for performance, reliability, security and agility.

Could an MPLS be the right solution for your business…?

Yes, if you are:

MPLS Benefits for Your Business

Ideal for multi-site businesses that need to share data in a secure manner, investing in an MPLS through Fibre.Net provides a host of benefits including:

Control Costs

Network consolidation and design optimisation are the best ways to keep expenses down. Our feature-rich products and services enable you to optimise their networks and lower bandwidth costs, reducing total cost of ownership. Moreover, it is highly saleable and you can easily add or remove sites or circuits.

Monitor performance

We monitor the end-to-end performance of your network in real time, supported by strict SLA’s to give you detailed performance data to see key data across web, mobile and cloud-delivered application environments and pinpoint tough performance bottlenecks before they might become a problem.

Increased efficiency

Unite multiple sites with a solution that supports super- fast, high-volume transfer with multiple QoS points – ensuring prompt delivery of information which greatly enhances the speed and efficiency of any organisation.

Optimised network

One network covers all of your connectivity needs at all locations. Voice, Internet, Cloud and WAN. The converged network means that it is ideal for voice traffic and other business critical applications.

Application prioritisation

We are able to focus support for voice and video conferencing along with any other high-priority business-critical applications, which means that you’ll benefit from high quality voice and video calls and uninterrupted access to the tools you need to do your job.

Better protection against cyber threats

We give your business up-to-date protection against the latest web threats for all users and at all access points, supporting governance and compliance to general and industry specific security requirements, visibility and control down to application, content and user level.

Why Choose an MPLS solution from Fibre.Net?

  1. Private Wide Area Networking between your sites - communicate directly with all of your sites, over any of our connectivity products. Whether transferring large files, video conferencing or using VoIP, an MPLS service from Fibre.Net keeps you in touch no matter how geographically dispersed your business is.
  2. Business grade circuits with performance guarantees - we proactively monitor and take care of routine maintenance of your network infrastructure, ensuring that you receive the reliable service that your business deserves.   We offer SLA-backed Quality of Services guarantees and can prioritise the data that is most critical to your business.
  3. Secure connectivity – Fibre.Net provides leading-edge firewall protection and our support management team are skilled at managing and securing complex network solutions.
  4. 24/7 friendly UK-based support - our team operates 24×7 to monitor and support our customer networks. We constantly monitor performance, identifying issues or potential bottle necks before they become business effecting and work with our customers to align our service to your business needs.

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