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Ultrafast Fibre Broadband

Ultrafast Fibre Broadband

Our ultrafast pure fibre network can bring you broadband speeds of up to 10Gbps, delivering ultrafast, ultra-reliable and unlimited broadband direct to your home or business. We have a wide range of affordable home and business broadband packages.

Our broadband products are ideal for the home and for small and mid-sized businesses seeking to migrate to the Cloud with a single broadband product that can deliver high quality connectivity.

Switching to Fibre.Net is fast, easy, and seamless

With the fastest possible transfer time you’ll be up and running with reliable, fibre optic broadband before you know it.

And setup is straightforward: we provide you with a free, pre-configured router with all our services set up and ready to go. No setup hassles – just plug and play and you’re good to go live.

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About Us

At Fibre.Net, we understand the importance of powerful connectivity and a high-speed internet connection. That’s why we offer a comprehensive set of home and business packages to ensure you connect fast, forever.

Backed by service level agreements and a comprehensive UK-based help-desk/support service, we pride ourselves on strength and reliability of our services. Never again will you have to worry about getting online.

Our Vision

Fibre.Net aims to make it faster to set up, cheaper to manage and easier to install broadband for your home or business.

Our Mission

To deliver compelling, flexible and reliable broadband services plus amazing local support to the communities that we serve.

We’re In The Business Of Ensuring Your Success

Fibre.Net aims to make all our clients better off by providing value for money broadband solutions with 5-star customer service. Simply put, if it matters to you, it matters to us.

We promise to deliver affordable, high-quality broadband services backed by responsive customer care.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of home and business Internet and security services that increase productivity and customer satisfaction, while lowering costs. We take pride in creating the right solution for all our customers.

Our highly personalised service ensures that your solution matches the scale of your needs, whether at home or at work.

For practical advice, or to find out more about your options, get in touch to talk to one of our solution experts today.